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Who is the best lion?

this is priceless thank you and bless you

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Before, it was a lot of work, working hard and playing hard. And now, it’s like I work hard, I work out hard, I rest hard and I love hard, and that’s a better deal.

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To inspire myself into happiness


I’m losing it here. Days like these, when I can almost wonder if I’m reading everything wrong, and I want to apologize for something that’s not even my fault. It’s not my fault. Parts of me are breaking for every time it happens, but it’s okay. I’ve gone through worse, and it’s necessary. Life…

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when something happens in a fandom you dont care about


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7 deadly sins. put one in my ask.
Lust: Something that I find attractive.
Pride: Something that I like about myself.
Sloth: Something that I dislike about myself.
Envy: Something I wish I was better at.
Gluttony: One of my favorite foods.
Wrath: Something that gets me angry.
Greed: Something I can’t get enough of.
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So you know I said I was going to do some pervy cropping of that pic I posted last night? The one of our man on a bed, fingering his tie provocatively. Well, I did, but then I wanted to pervily crop some other pics of his arms. So I did that too…


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Well fuck me sideways. That intensity.

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Have you heard of Ban Bossy? It’s the new initiative from Lean In and the Girl Scouts that’s trying to ban “bossy” and similar words that are used to bring down girls that are ambitious, take risks, and speak up. By changing the way we treat girls who lead, hopefully our generation will someday see more women in leadership roles. 

You can watch the 1:00 video with Beyonce, Jane Lynch, Condeleeza Rice, and Jennifer Garner here, or visit the Ban Bossy website

don’t read the youtube comments on this.

!!!! Important thing I never thought would be acknowledged!!!
I was called bossy for a good part of my early childhood, and while that doesn’t stop me now from taking the lead (I’m pretty resilient), there’s always the echoes of “bossy”. my mom, her friends, teachers - I don’t think anyone knew they were leaving such a mark.

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I’m going back to the circus.

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nick fury: hey i just met you
nick fury: and this is crazy
nick fury: but i need y'all egocentric motherfuckers to stop whatever you're doing to join my super secret boy band and avenge the earth because thor's brother is attention-whoring from space.
nick fury: so call me maybe
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if avengers 2 doesn’t feature a wet t-shirt contest between thor and cap i’m going to write marvel a very strongly worded letter

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if cap3 isn’t called “captain america and falcon: we’re up all night to get bucky”, i’m not watching it

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The finger, the tongue, your hand on your knee… Goddamnit, Renner!

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